An Untangling of Thoughts on the DC events of Jan 2021

This is not a usual A&H post, but one thing I am taking from 2020 is the necessity to step from ‘usual’, if for nothing but to gain perspective. I hope this jumble of thoughts makes you feel a little more connected and a little less alone, if like me, this crazy day saw you walk through the world carrying a heavy heart. I am by no means a political expert, but as I reiterate later, I believe this is about society not politics. From this human being to all you human beings, here are my insights… or rather, here is an insight to the crazy jumble that is my mind .

I haven’t gotten ‘political’ on the Artistic and Holistic space… today that changes. I have been diving into some of Brene Brown ‘s research lately and at one point in ‘Rising Strong’ (*side note, please read that book) she talks about finding the courage to believe everyone is doing their best (this isn’t as cut and dry as you think, and certainly doesn’t mean there isn’t consequences or accountability, please read the book to understand more) however today I’m truly struggling to believe that sentiment. The utter hypocrisy, privilege, self-righteousness, I could continue this list but I’m sure you all have your own adjectives, is astounding. The tug of war going on inside me, trying to hold space for the dichotomy of multiple truths, is confusing and painful in this present moment. Our world harbours so much beauty and ugly at the same time. I was lucky enough to take ballet class in a studio this morning and experience the joy of moving, breathing, and expanding amongst fellow humans, but the second I stepped from the studio the heartbreak took hold again. I’m struggling to balance the joy I find in the world with the utter loss of faith in humanity I feel when opening my mind to current news. As a society we MUST do better! Then again, I reestablish some hope and sense of community when I see many people I love and respect call out this atrocity for what it is. Is anyone else feeling this way? Again, how to balance it all within one mind? The more I divulge the crevasses of my thoughts into this post, the more I feel this is not about politics; this is simply about society and humanity. I can’t fathom how Trump can sit with his privilege and condemn people to the horrors of prison for simply defending their rights during BLM, but has the audacity to encourage these criminals. Unlike the seeming toddlers storming the Whitehouse (actually that’s offensive to toddlers, these people are just imbeciles) I understand and respect DEMOCRACY, so therefor I respect your right to support either party. I can not however respect your right to support today’s actions or the man who fans the flames of those actions.

DC is a huge part of my life, and always will be. It is a second home to my soul, where so much happened to make me the person sitting here in this moment writing these thoughts. I have people there I love as family, and memories that I cherish dearly… to see DC likes this hurts me in every sense of the word. This is not the DC I know and love! I truly hope and pray the impending transfer of power results in a change of energy from what we are currently witnessing.

This does not just effect those in DC, it’s up to the world as a whole to speak up and fight for social justice. If we let this slide, what else will we as humans let slide in the future? As a community let’s find a way to put love, togetherness, kindness, compassion, empathy, vulnerability, connection, hope, and respect back on top. Let all future actions come from a place of those values. I know this post got a bit negative, and that is not something I usually strive for, but I had to honour my true emotions today. I hope we can all rumble with the feelings that have risen within us and come out of this as better people striving for a better world. I’m sending love and light to you all, it’s ok if you’re not ok right now. Please seek support if you feel any inkling of needing it. Professional services such as @beyondblueofficial are there for you, and I’m always up for a chat with anyone who is craving one.


Pic credit: Joanne Marie Photography

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